Apaches News · Athlete of the Week: Taylor Coffman

By Halle Miller, Daily Apache Editor

Kicking off the month of December, your Daily Apache Athlete of the Week is Taylor Coffman. Taylor is a senior at the high school and participates in soccer, swimming, and golf. He is also known for his strong academic skills. 

Photo by Chad Andrews

Last year Taylor was commended for being the swimmer with the highest GPA at the end-of-the-year awards.  He also broke the 500-yard freestyle record last season. He is currently four-for-four in possible academic all-conference teams thus far in his career, and he is sure to see that record grow this year. Read below for an interview with Taylor Coffman:


Which personal accomplishment are you most proud of in any sport?

TC: Breaking the 500-yard freestyle record was pretty cool because I got my name up on the board for everyone to see. 

What are your plans after high school?

TC: I plan to go on a two-year mission trip and then attend Brigham Young University and major in microbiology.

How challenging is it to participate in all three sports seasons and how do you handle it?

TC: Having friends that play the same sports as I do helps me to find fun in whatever I am doing, even if it is stressful for the time being.

How did you get started in athletics?

TC: I have played soccer since I was very young and have loved it ever since…and my friends have influenced me into the others; [these sports] have turned out to be a great addition to my resume. 

Who is your biggest supporter?

TC: Probably my mom because she is always in attendance and cheers for me regardless of how I am doing.


Athlete-of-the-Week Fast Facts: 

Favorite Genre of Music: Indie

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Team: BYU Cougar Soccer

Favorite Athlete: Wyatt Davis

Favorite Class: AP Biology