Apaches News · Athlete of the Week: Trenton Daughtry

Photo by The Paper of Wabash County

By Lindsey Mattern, Daily Apache Editor 

This week’s Daily Apache Athlete of the Week is senior Trenton Daughtry.  Throughout his high school career, Trenton has participated in basketball and baseball at Wabash High School in addition to participating in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) during the spring and summer and has been an integral part of the Junior Apache program, spending his Saturday mornings coaching elementary students.  As for athletic accolades, Trenton has made the All-County team three times, All-Conference twice and has been awarded the County Tourney MVP as well as the Conference Player of the Year.  Read below for more information about your Athlete of the Week: 


How much time do you put into basketball during the off-season? What does that look like? 

TD: The offseason is more of a grind than the actual season.  As soon as basketball season ends, I am in the weight room with my trainer and working out on a daily basis.  In the spring I play AAU and that extends all the way to the start of the school year. That consists of two practices a week in Fort Wayne with my team and then full weekends of tournaments.  Once fall comes, I am in the weight room again with my trainer five days a week and in the gym either by myself or with my dad five days a week, as well.  

Do you have a pre-game or post-game ritual? 

TD: I am an extremely superstitious person, so I have a couple pre-game rituals.  I have to go to Subway and get a footlong veggie delight on Italian herbs and cheese.  I have to get the same bag of chips and a blue Gatorade from Subway to go along with it.  After that, I have my own ritual in the locker room. I put in my air pods and listen to the same song on repeat.  It is a slow song to calm me down because I get extremely nervous before every game. I do my jump ropes, stretching, and then pray as I pace back in forth in the back of the locker room by myself.  Once coach comes in the locker room, I take my headphones out and get locked in ready to go. During warm ups, it is essential for me to go to every guy on our team and tell them something encouraging before the tip.  Once I get all of those rituals out of the way, it is time to get it on the court. 

How do you feel about your basketball season so far? Is this where you wanted to be by this point in the season? 

TD: I think we are in a good position right now. Obviously, we would like to be 4-0 at the moment, but we are 2-2.  In my opinion, the best thing that happened to us was the Oak Hill loss because it taught us more than winning ever could.  It taught us that we have to take every rep in practice serious and we have to prepare for every team equally. Obviously, we would have liked to play better than we did, but we learned from it.  Now we are coming off of a big conference win, making us 1-0 in the TRC right now. We have a county rival coming in on Friday, so we are really excited for that; then we have County Tourney, which gets everybody’s heart racing!  But, yes, I am happy where we are at right now, I think we are going to do big things in the next couple of months.

Are you planning on playing basketball in college? Is there one you are leaning towards more than others at this point? 

TD: Yes, I will definitely play basketball in college.  Right now I have three offers, Manchester, Defiance, and Anderson… I am hoping to commit by the middle or end of this basketball season, so hopefully soon!

What is your favorite part about coaching Junior Apaches? 

TD: Man, Junior Apaches is one of my favorite memories from High School.  Going on Saturdays to coach those little kids just gives me so much joy and happiness.  The game of basketball has given me so many opportunities in life that I feel like I should give back to it as well by coaching the next generation.  My favorite thing about coaching them is when all the kids get to come to our games. They all sit down under our basket during warmups, giving us high fives as we go through and cheering for us as we get warmed up.  It is just so cool seeing how happy they are because I know that I was in their shoes ten years ago. I want to be a positive role model in their lives. I know not everyone has someone in their life that they can look up to, so that is probably the main reason I do it. I just want them to have someone that is a positive influence on and off the court.

Athlete-of-the-Week Fast Facts: 

Favorite Movie: The Lion King 

Favorite Snack: Reese’s 

Favorite Clothing Store: Nike/Finish Line

Favorite Athlete: Damian Lillard

Favorite Season: “Winter, because of basketball.”