Girls 6th Grade Basketball · Lady Apaches fall to Lady Vikings in Final Minute due to no Press Rule 21-19

19 Wabash High School
21 Tippecanoe Valley Middle School
Away   Home
Away Home
Wabash High School vs Tippecanoe Valley Middle School
19 21
1 4   5
2 11   15
3 17   17
4 19   21

Tuesday Night, the Lady Apaches met the Lady Vikings at Tippecanoe Valley Middle School. From the start both teams were evenly matched and played tough defense against each other. Lady Vikings Kiser and Miller hit big jump shots in the 2nd Quarter that made the Lady Apaches adjust their defense. The Apaches found their stride in the play of their Two Towers Lilly Shear and Logan Wright. Point Guard Bryleigh Boggs did an excellent job driving the lane with layups and finding her forwards as the defense collapsed against her. The Lady Apaches found themselves down two with just over a minute to go. A missed pass turnover gave the Lady Vikings the ball with less than a minute to go.

At the beginning of the game both coaches were wanting full IHSAA rules, but the referees declared that there would not be any press the entire game. After efforts by both coaches to state they were ok with pressing, the referees stated it wasn’t an option. In the final minute, The Lady Vikings held the ball in their back court and called time outs to run out the clock.

Coach Backer stated, “This was a frustrating way to end a game. Both teams were evenly matched and was a heck of a game to be a part of, and to end on a rule to where we can’t press was frustrating. It was out of our control.”

Backer went on to say, “Even though this was a loss for us, I can’t speak highly enough of the Lady Vikings. They matched us well and their players had tremendous character. When you play a conference game, you don’t know what to expect, but they were nothing short of first class character, and fundamentally disciplined.”

The B Game, The Lady Apaches came out with passion and discipline defeating the Lady Vikings 12-4

A Game Stats:

Boggs: 10 Points, 1 Rebound, 4 Assists, 3 Steals, 1 Block
Wright: 8 Points, 7 Rebounds, 2 Steals, 3 Blocks
Shear: 1 Point, 6 Rebounds, 5 Blocks
Jones: 3 Rebounds, 4 Steals
Bisher: 1 Rebound, 2 Steals
Friend: 2 Blocks

B Game

Aaliyah Perry: 2 Points, 3 Rebounds, 2 Blocks
Olivia Burns: 4 Points, 2 Rebounds
Olivia Shepler: 2 Points, 3 Rebounds
Emma Ryder: 2 Points, 1 Rebound
Ashleigh Hadley: 2 Points, 1 Steal